Signs of Skin Ageing

Signs of AgeingThe signs of ageing are due to a combination of intrinsic factors (age, genetics, general health) and extrinsic factors such as chronic exposure to UV radiation, smoking, diet, alcohol consumption, stress and sleeping habits.

The Clinical Signs of Ageing Include:

  1. Thinner more fragile skin.
  2. Reduced skin elasticity.
  3. Wrinkles at rest especially in the forehead, around the eyes and mouth.
  4. Dropping of the eyebrows.
  5. Excess in of lower eyelids.
  6. Deepening of the skin folds.
  7. Jowling/excess skin along the jaw line.

There are a number of treatments aiming to improve restore skin health resulting in healthy glowing skin and where necessary the combination of other treatments to help reverse the signs of ageing resulting in a natural and refreshed look.

Treatment involves a detailed skin and facial assessment which will enable individualised treatment.