The Aevum Clinic Consultation

The Aevum Clinic ConsultationHere at the Aevum Clinic, the ‘Medical Aesthetic Specialist Consultation’ is essential to enable Dr O’Driscoll to do a full history and skin and facial analysis. Depending on the client’s age, skin type, skin health and expectations, an individualised plan can then be made.

Here at the Aevum Clinic we realise different treatments are required at different stages of life. A client may just need direction on a good skin care range with or without facial peels, or need some anti-wrinkle injections. This is why the consultation is so important.

The main causes of wrinkles are age and sun exposure. Other factors such as genetics, smoking, weight loss, stress, medications and excessive/under exercising also contribute. Managing the modifiable risk factors is also an important aspect to the plan.

Examining the skin for large pores, wrinkles, texture, sun damage, pigment, red areas, spots and bacteria using this information, we are able to put a plan together to correct any issues and prevent further skin damage.

The sooner we start to introduce preventative measures the better.

Consultation with Dr O’Driscoll – Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation –
(Full Facial and Skin Analysis) – €60.00