Botox® Assessment

At The Aevum Clinic Dr Aoibhe O’Driscoll feels it is vital to do a pre-injection Botox® assessment on all clients who are requesting an injection treatment for whatever reason. During this consultation the client will be asked about what it is that they are concerned about. Initially a full medical history is taken to identify any possible contraindications to Botox® treatment. Dr O’Driscoll can demonstrate the probable results of treatment with the use of photographs so as to give a realistic idea of the results of treatment.

Dr O’Driscoll will also do a full facial assessment pre-injection to look for any lines and wrinkles while the client rests and then ask the client to move through the normal range of muscle movements for the face, eg frowning, raising eyebrows, closing eyes shut etc. This enables the client to be assessed for any facial asymmetry, compensatory eyebrow lift and identify the pattern and types of lines and wrinkles which are unique to every individual’s face.

Wrinkles and Crows Feet

What Causes Wrinkles?

Wrinkles can happen for a variety of reasons including age, and genetics but the severity of wrinkles can be exacerbated by smoking, sun exposure and habitual facial expressions. Ultimately these factors work by reducing the elasticity of the skin and in time, the skin is unable to heal, so wrinkles develop.

There Are Different Types of Wrinkles?

Static Lines

These are fine lines/wrinkles which are visible at rest.

Dynamic Lines

These are visible on contracting different groups of facial muscles. The habitual use of muscles eventually leads to these dynamic lines becoming visible also at rest and form static lines. Dynamic lines are perfectly suited to Botox treatment. The Botox® weakens the muscles causing a smoothing out of the wrinkles/lines. Its effect is much more dramatic on dynamic wrinkles than static but there will also be some improvement in the static lines. Botox® also prevents the progression of the dynamic lines to static lines long term.

Sleep Lines

These are caused by the scrunching up of different facial muscles during sleep. These can be improved by other techniques rather than Botox®.

Gravity Lines

These are caused by reduction in the collagen, elastin, fat and other substances in the skin, all part of the ageing process eg increased prominence of the nasolabial fold. These lines respond better to dermal filler for volume replacement.

Finally as part of a pre-injection assessment Dr O’Driscoll will do a full facial skin analysis and identify if there is any other treatments that may suit instead of the Botox® or in combination with a Botox® treatment.